homespaceyoga offers a short introduction to yoga, a six weeks commitment will provide you with a class that you can practise alone in your home. You may find the urge to know more and develop your own practise further and then continue bringing yoga into your life but the essential introduction will also allow you the confidence to then either join a class at a studio or a yoga home or take your practise traveling hopefully it will encouage you to have your own home practise.

Sometimes we don't want to accept what our body tells us or know how to deal with it when it kicks back - the yoga practise brings you understanding and nurtures the developments and changes that we ae are constantly experiencing, bringing you closer to yourself. It allows transformation to happen, when this dialogue with the body begins the pieces start to fit together. It opens up potential and possibilities for change.

People are drawn to yoga for all sorts of different reasons, in our present culture we can approach yoga without dogma and with quite a strong embrace from the western culture that people are finding many ways they relate and resonate with the yoga practise and yogic way. There are many styles to choose from Jivamukti yoga, Shaddow yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and many more, Vinyasa Yoga is a yoga that keeps moving, binding the movement and the breath together, this is what Kate teaches at homesaceyoga. Its enjoyable and accessibe. Quite literally someone might have an ailment, sciatica or a slipped disc and then the beginning of developing an asana practise occurs and people start to invest more of their time because the yoga has quite an effect and its a pleasurable and rewarding experience to own your own practise and provide a healthy body and mind for yourself. Its challenging and its supportive, during a class you experience awareness and insight through yoga you can nurture yourself and emrbrace a wholeness. Meeting silence in the body and the mind, you can tune in. There are many elements to consider, some yogis are very grounded in chakras and talk with a cosmic consciousness, some have a grounding in alignment and power, some mythology, some philosophy, restoration, dynamic flow, the list is as long as we are, all unique individuals with indivdual qualities and experiences in this being human. The most empowering of all is that each body is different, each person is a completely embraced and celebrated individual who can access yoga if they want to, for their own curiosity and develop that practise. If you can breath you can yoga.

Women come to yoga post baby to regain and connect with their bodies again, some women start yoga pre-wedding in preparation of that stressful period. Mums enjoy the practise with their babies together, developing the maternal bond. Practising yoga will bring you mindfulness techniques to eliminate stress from your life and uplift your relationship with your body, with the ability to take yoga into your life. Its exciting to help people realise the amazing power of the body and bring them into the yoga practise with confidence and awareness of their potential. A class can be restorative but also can be challenging and powerful, developing strength and flexibility. A class can be empowering and focused on connecting the flow of the movement series with the connection of the movement and the breath.

Essentially, bringing you closer to an authentic experience of yoga, bringing you closer to your self.

Creating a positive body and mind space

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