Airplane of Flowers Kate Jackson and collaborators

Kate Jackson and Collaborators




Kate is a well established Dance Artist and has worked extensively with Contemporary Dance Theatre companies and choreographers Nationally.  Her own work is now at the forefront of her focus and most recently she has been busy with Airplane of Flowers new solo for LEAP festival 2018.

At Kate Jackson and collaborators we create dance theatre work which looks at Contemporary issues over-looked by society, as a project based company we have recently created a solo for Leap Festival in Liverpool as part of the dance festival hosted by Mdi.

Airplane of Flowers worked with new graduate Abbi Henderson as a female character with sound created by Lee Affren for immersive solo experience.

Abbi cooks, speaks, story-tells and dances with emotional impact. She’s a really warm and friendly person and we captured this in the solo. We want the solo to speak to audiences and people who don’t know dance or theatre but who can resonate with the issues we are focusing on in the work.

Creating the work so to enable a journey for the audience which embraces the experience of a closer proximity to be heightened and recognises that step of trust the audience take towards the work.

The solo speaks from a female perspective and is a small stand against the storm of violence against women and children in terrorist attacks and the need now in that light to hold tighter to our understanding of community and oneness as folk in unity. The solo celebrates the innocence of life, the great social part of being human that makes us all connected and loved and the ability within in us all to survive and recover.

Airplane of Flowers looks at the effects of terrorism, over a year and half of research talking with organisations, charities and communities who support people affected by terrorism the after care that is in place and shift of social consciousness towards embracing the change upon a community or a family or an individual.

Its deep stuff from our side and the magic we aim to deliver is through the subject landing with the audience through warmth, humour and emotion.



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the thing we want most in our lives is aknowledgement. I prepare a meal i make money, I do all this stuff and i want to be aknowledge for it - who shows me that aknowledgement?



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