8 Limbs of yoga

8 limbs of Yoga





yoga mandala1

Yama: Universal morality

Niyama: Personal Obsevances

Asana: Physical Postures

Pranayama: Breathing exercises and control of prana

Pratyahara: Control of the senses

Dharma : Inner perspective spiritual engagement

Dhyana : Devotion

Samadhi: Union with the divine.


Practising Yoga can be any of the eight limbs, it can be all of the eight limbs but they exist together, they coexist, we may practise the asana (physical posture) practise but we're taking practise in an eight fold path which has manifested from the origins of yoga. Through the eight limbs theres a progression towards Samadhi, quite often the limbs are coupled Yamas and Niyamas, Asana and Pranayama theres a duality in the coupling. As we develop a yogic practise we develop an understanding in the eight limbs and not only find a discipline in the asana practise but throughout the knowledge of how to demonstrate these under standings into our own lives. Within the Yamas there are 4 principles and the same with the Niyamas.  You'll find meditation classes who focus only on Dharma, this too is a yoga class.

Samadhi is reached by very few and the few who live in Samadhi would not let that be known.

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